Chapter 01

[Why the bloody hell did this fight have to be so goddamn hard! Five fucking phases down and it gets full health and 50% increase in defense and attack from buffs everytime time.]

A young girl of 150 cm wearing a silver hoodie, with a blue t-shirt, and black jeans. She is duel wielding knives. She is fighting The Demonic Evil Emperor God Dragon King with its body being over 7027 cm long and 1524 cm tall with its silver body and golden spikes on its back it holds the title the strongest boss in FOREVERMORE.

Her party consisted of ten strongest players in the game. They are in order Volikin the lightning sword king, Zerif the grand mage, Herself; Jack the Nightmare, Robin the Queen of Archery, Jay the Sole-King, Zhou the Bloody Archer, Elizabeth the Mad Idol, Thor the King of Smithing, Jeanne the Saint, and Scarlett the Demon Witch. They all we above level 1800 and decided to fight the Dragon King together. They got it down to 50% health in the second phase before all of them died.

Jack unique magic is called Mist of the Night and is the strongest skill in the game being level 20 due to her massive amount of quest done. It allows her to temporarily turn invisible for 5 seconds every minute which she used to save herself. She is an assassin and was able to get it down to its fifth phase after nearly two hours of fighting it.

[(Skill-Mist of the Night{Night-Wander}]

The Mist surrounding the battlefield all goes towards the Dragon King and form around it. Jack then smiles and takes a deep breath.

[Goodbye Dragon King (Skill-Mist of the Night{Terror of the Night})]

From the Mist, thousands upon thousands of daggers appear from the Mist stabbing the Dragon King and then going back into the Mist to repeat over and over again. After fifty seconds of it, the Dragon King’s silver body is filled with holes made by the daggers and is now covered in crimson.

[System- Congratulations: You have defeated The Demonic Evil Emperor God Dragon King. You have gained two new Titles (Savior of the World, and Legendary Hero). Your experience points from the battle are 3RR0R.]

[Uhm what?]

The Dragon King’s started to move and made a magic circle surrounding her and itself.

[(Skill-Teleportation{Otherworld}) Young one you have bested me. Now by the Creator of this world, I send you off to the true world.]

[What the fuck! How are you still alive! Where is my EXP DROP!]

She is covered by a silver aura and disappears from the game.