Chapter 02

I ended up waking up after that Dragon King used an ability that covered me. I see that I am now in a forest I guess I am not in Monstrozion, or Zulifus anymore. I could be in Faliora since it is the most unexplored region in the game but doubt it.


After a while I figured that there is no way to logout so I decided to check my status.



Name: Jack (Ayama)

Race: Human

Level: 6945

Exp: Error

Class: Assassin

Title/Titles: Godkiller, Legendary Hero, Savior of the World, SSS Adventurer, Guild-Master, Otherworlder

Job: Divine God Assassin*

Job Level: 100

Job history: Assassin, ect


    • Vitality: 10,000,000 (100,000 OG)
    • Mana: 1,000,000,000 (10,000,000 OG)
    • Strength: 40,000 (2,500 OG)
    • Agility: 50,000 (3,500 OG)
    • Stamina: 40,000 (3,250 OG)
    • Intelligence: 30,000 (1,500 OG)
    • Unused Points: 555,600



Passive: Stealth-(lvl-100*), Barter-(lvl-10*), Charisma-(lvl-10*), Taming-(lvl-10*), Stealing-(lvl-100*), Body Enhancement-(lvl-10*), Perception-(lvl-100*), Magic Resistance-(lvl-10*), Dagger Mastery-(lvl-100*), Knowledge-(lvl-100*), Marksmanship-(lvl 10*), Multicast-(lvl-50*)


Active Skills: Backstab-(lvl-100*), Dual Wield-(lvl-100*), Poison Stab-(lvl 100*), Vanishing Stab-(lvl-100*)


Magic Skills: Fire Magic-(lvl-10*), Ice Magic-(lvl-50*), Lightning Magic-(lvl-100*), Shadow Magic-(lvl-100*), Holy Magic-(lvl-5), Water Magic-(lvl 10*), Wind Magic-(lvl 50*), Space Magic-(lvl 100*), Time Magic-(lvl-100*), Summoning-(lvl-100*)


Creation Skills: Alchemy-(lvl-100*), Smithing-(lvl 100*), Mining-(lvl 100*), Farming-(lvl 10*), Cooking-(lvl-100*), Dismantling-(lvl-10*)


Unique Skills: Mist of the Night-(lvl-85) (lvl-20 OG);

{Night-Wander}- Spreads gas into the Mist buffing allies by 10% per second to all attributes.

{Terror of the Night}- The Mist gathers around an enemy and from the Mist thousands upon thousands of daggers appear from the Mist stabbing the enemy

{Creation of Night}- Creates the mist by using users mana if area exceeded 1000 miles it takes over one million mana per second and anything smaller takes 10,000 mana per second

{Quadra-Novas}- Increase mana regen to 65% of users total mana per second but user can’t move during this time.



Godkiller- Grants user increased mana and Vitality regeneration by 30% every second. (Gotten from killing a God)


Legendary Hero- User level is increased by five times and stats are over ten thousand (Gotten from killing The Demonic Evil Emperor God Dragon King)


Savior of the World- User’s Unique Skills are increased by 50 (Gotten from killing The Demonic Evil Emperor God Dragon King)


SSS Adventurer- User’s Adventurer rank is maxed out (Fifth Player to Max Adventurer Rank)


Legendary Guild-Master- Leader of a Top Five Guild (Silver Outcasts)


Otherworlder – Someone from another world


I can’t comprehend what happened to my status. I guess I did get no experience since my level is now broken, and my attributes are over ten thousand each, and also that I am know longer in the game world. Any ways I guess I need to change my clothing. My silver hoodie, blue t-shirt, and black jeans are ripped up leaving me with almost no clothing.


I grab, a silver hoodie, black t-shirt and a black skirt from my inventory. I got my new clothes on and decided to take a look at myself in a mirror. I found out that I was my real height at 145 cm, my hair was black and to my waist. I guess my days of being a Hikikomori are done. I end up going into orz pose since I lost all my money from the stock market. I remember my parents telling me to go to school to meet people but when I had over 30 million dollars, I couldn’t care less. My parents ended up stealing 15 million dollars and left. After my parents left I decided to buy an apartment and become a Hikikomori. I was only 12 years old when I started that life style and three years went by and I gained over 100 million dollars from the stock market and online trading. Now all the money I had is all gone. I went into an orz pose.