Chapter 101

“We handled dormitory personnel allocation inequitably with personal circumstances, planned swordsmanship so that the east dormitory became advantageous, we have incurred a tremendous inconvenience to you, we are very sorry!”

A knight who made all-back blond hair with a lot of hairdressing feathers in front of the Fii who began preparing for the game after finishing the game.

That’s why all-backs should be well-crafted if you use a hairdresser, but for now, somehow my hair is a bit disarranged.

“I apologize also from myself because I am a friend and continuing to sweat the sweet response, I am the one who has escalated the situation. I am having trouble with you due to Carneggis and I. I am sorry ”

Next, to that, I’m down to the tram.

In that way, the Fii’s panicked.

“Well, we did not bother you separately ?!”

“Oh yeah! It is true that when the members of the east dormitory came, they were surprised, but they were quarrels.”

“Oh, it is common for skirmishes before the game to be different”

“I am not dissatisfied with the dormitory division”

To be honest, Luca and Lizil were a bit annoying, but they apologized to not only Carneggis but also to the truck. I decided not to say as boys in the northern lodging.

“Sorry… You guys … … really sorry …”

In the northern lodgings, I got a gentle word rather than abusive, and Carnegges started crying while staring at the sitting position.

I only saw the appearance of making a distant attitude, but it seemed like the possession came down somehow.

Originally Carnegges seems to have tried to win against the Tohoku counter sword skill by doing something wrongfully, but as a fighter, it does not feel like being apologized and apologized like that.

It was exciting and fun at the event.

So even if apologized it is a problem.

The boys in the northern lodging house looked up and they nodded and said each other.

“Please give your face, Mr. Carnegges”

“I think that we were good at putting us in the northern dormitory”

“I have made friends and I am having fun every day.”

“I am thankful for the trolls who chose me so and I am not hating anything about Carnegges.”

“So there was absolutely nothing wrong.”

Finally, Carneggis gave a face to that word.

That face was tearful and tattered, so I could not get mad at getting angry with my shampooed hair.

“You guys …”

Trucko connects words with a calm voice in place of Carneggis who has become extremely impressed and can not say anything.

“Thank you, I was a little busy and I could not have made a lot of faces, I guess you guys were really pleased to enter the northern dormitory by the Orthodox Knights and I will be punished for Carnegie. I do not know but I also hope to be able to live a knight life with you someday again. Well then, let’s go Carneggs. ”


That said, the truck and Carneggis went away.

Then, when the fellows left the match venue, they came across the bustling members of the east dormitory. Even though there is no Carneggis, everyone has a vague look.

It may be their essence. Carneggis was feeling inspiring but I guess they were doing whatever they wanted.

While Luka scratches his hair, he keeps on everlasting kissing in a drastic gesture.

“This time I did it for you guys. It was a great learning for me. I was good to play with you. You will be revenged next year.”

Ruka is still parenthesized, but he did not carelessly push her face towards his or her opponent, and he did not do anything like looking down.

Especially it is taking a long distance with the Fii. It seems that there was a trauma with that.

“I was also a genius, it seems that he made a mistake in his direction of effort for a while, next year I will show the real genius by doing the right effort”

Lizil remained confident as ever. Self-proclaimed genius does not change.

But neither Luca nor Lizil said anything like making fun of her opponent.

As the game was over, I was able to get rugged, the northern dormitory and the people in the east dormitory came together to talk a little.

Before the game, we were in confrontation, but the same dojo, the same chivalry and aristocrats and others have relationships.

Fii who has no connection in particular in this country thought to talk with Luca who was an opponent.

“Hey, you … I will not stop getting any closer … ….?”

He was so prohibited from entering within 2 meters of the area.

When Fii breaks it and steps in, he laughs with sweat while laughing to show “Fuhu … …” to afford.

After that, the chase of Fii and Luca was developed.

Kellio and Raemier were faced to face with the supreme group of the large group.

“This time I did it for you. Let’s settle today if I win next year.”

“Yeah! I will do more training so that next year I can fight equally!”

That said the two nodded.

And Persil is back to the Koo.

“Cooine, I’m planning to rebuild both my strategy and my ability to win against you who demonstrated the power of bonds.


Cooine nodded in Persil’s words while blushing with a slight subtle expression on the word bondage force.

Talk with the boys in the east dormitory for a while, only about two people chase after, then farewells also arrive on the way back.

I could win the game and I was not a bad guy with the boys in the East lodging. Fii was in a satisfied mood, but I remembered a bit of frustration.

“That reminds me, I can hardly see the game. I wanted to see everyone’s match”

It was the final stage of the game when I thought that I had finally returned by receiving a sermon from a Hiroshi instructor.

I caught up in a hurry, but the settlement came quickly from there.

“It seems that both Gorms and Raymier were cool, I wanted to see it.”

“Well, I did not have to watch our games too well.”

“I was a draw, I’m happy if I let that go.”

Gorms is an unbelievable face and laughter laughs with a happy face.

“Oh, but I was watching the last attack of the Koo, the Cooine that time, it was really cool, did you hear my cheering?”

When Fii picks up the face of Koo walking next to and he asks.

“Ah …… Uh …… Uh … yeah.”

An inaccurate reply came back somehow. A little fee is paid for the reply.

“You do not have to push yourself if you do not hear it, everyone else was supporting a lot.”

“I heard … …! I heard it …!!”



Fii naughty laughed and said, as Kuinu nodded.

“Well then,”

I could not watch much, but my friends seemed to be able to cheer, and Fii decided to be satisfied. But I think that you are a shy guy. I wish I could be more dignified because I was so active.

Feeling while thinking, he found a figure of York at the end of his line of sight.

Fii quickly runs over there.

“Did you see my match?”

It is natural to see it because it is in the bleacher’s seat, but Fii comes to York while asking about it.

“Oh, I was watching, I lost as a match, but it was a spectacular one point break, but from the next time it’s better to grasp the rules and make a strategy”

The hands of my grandfather who praised me like that popped down on my head. And gently stroked Fii’s golden hair.

Fii was astonished a little and opened his eyes. But, I quickly left himself with that comfortable feeling.


Then it seems there is still work but when it separates from the gotcha, the Fii returns to the boys in the northern lodging house with running feet.

“Oh, I wish I could have had a couple meet with you, sorry.”

“No, it’s okay.”

Cooine waved his head to Fii’s word.

I used to say I’m all old, but it is not so recently. However, Fii thinks I have to meet you anyway.

Looking at the circumference, it seemed like something was awful.

I know I’m winning, I know I run crazy, but it was another feeling.

As I asked the Queen, I heard that Mr. Trocco was giving money to Gorms and would like to go on a launch later.

“Wow, it’s fun! The Queen is coming, too.”


About half a year after entering the northern dormitory. There were various things, but Koonu was a friend of the northern quarters.

When I contacted people in the dining room, it seemed that the story had passed beforehand, and I was sent out as saying hi. The boy in the dormitory in the north of Fii came into the downtown so happily.

After that, Carneggis and the truck, both were ordered to reduce the expedition mission six months, but the knights gathered the signature and submitted, the expedition mission would be only three months.

It seems that the knights from former North ‘s accommodations were also participating in the signature. Both the truck and the carnage seemed to have been surprisedly appreciated by the graduates who became knights.

Of course, the fellows also participated in the signature.


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  1. Your doing a great job trying to translate this, but honestly I’m a huge fan of the series, yet I can’t understand most of what you’ve written, and a lot of your sentences just don’t make any sense whatsoever. I would very much appreciate it if you would read over what you’re done, and edit it so that its understandable, as currently I’m very confused as to what you mean in every single sentence. Also do you mind sticking to one name per person, preferably the ones they used in the old translations.
    Thanks a lot.

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  2. this may come off as offensive..but seriously…you’re not putting enough effort into translating this…its obvious you’re not cut out for this.


  3. As others have mentioned: I appreciate what you’re trying to do, however you are absolutely butchering the translation of a really good novel.
    It actually makes me want to cry at how badly the original content is being treated.

    “A knight who made all-back blond hair with a lot of hairdressing feathers in front of the Fii who began preparing for the game after finishing the game.”
    There isn’t ANY part of that sentence that makes ANY sense WHATSOEVER.
    At the very least it should be obvious that Fii isn’t a type of object, so “in front of the Fii” should just be “in front of Fii”.
    At the very LEAST you should be catching very simple stuff like that.

    Here’s some advice to live by: If you’re going to do something aim to do it right the first time. Don’t half ass it, because you’ve now wasted a bunch of time, and someone else will have to go back and spend time fixing up the terrible job you’ve done.

    If you’re a non-english speaker, you should go back and study some more as you’re obviously not at a level to be translating between languages publicly as of yet.

    tl;dr: Please stop translating this series publicly. You’re doing a terrible job at it currently.

    Also: when you’re at the point where you have improved _considerably_ I’d suggest completely re-translating all you have currently done so far. It really is _that_ bad.


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