Chapter 102

Fiiru POV  a story before the wedding (before the beginning of main part)


Fiiru looked at the clay placed in front of herself while turning the wheel with a serious look.

While putting hands on the clay while turning the wheel with a foot, the clay gradually gathers in shape of the shape. When I was working seriously for a while, I was feeling too tense, but the force got into my hands.

The shape of the clay curves gently.


I unexpectedly shout in my heart.

“Was this a failure?”

A little embarrassed When the Minister of the Kingdom of Kaland said, there was an old man who kept a dignified white beard among those surrounding the feel.

“No, this is not a failure.”

“And saying … …!”

When he saw the distorted clay of Fiiru, he began to speak with a serious expression.

“This way of bending. This must have mimicked the shape of the hand of the statue of God transmitted to Prasseki! It is to say that incorporating such a bold design into the teacup surely has made ceramics for 50 years I am a fresh idea that is innovative, innovative and innovative, and feel is truly wonderful! ”

“Oooh ooh! I see!”

“Even when I make a teacup for sure, I was making fancy while thinking about this world!”

“What a wonderful work!”

In the word of Paul Paeze, a masterpiece of the Karando white porcelain, the minister of this country, which surrounded the feel, the prince who came all the way from the other country, their maid of women and girls Etc. will give a voice of praise.

In the meantime, I thought.

(I just failed though …).

I can not say that at all. If you say it, you will be ashamed of PaPaose called the master.

Following the guidance of Perpaeze, I put on a piece of the teacup that had become quietly strange.

“Oh, oh, what a wonderful design! I would like to quickly adopt this form for our products too!”

“Well, by all means, let’s do so!”

Perpaeze and the minister nod with a sparkling face while raising the failed work of mine overhead. I saw while looking at his appearance as though he did not understand his embarrassed face.

I noticed that one young man is crouching at that time.

Hold my stomach and the body is cramping on the spot.

(I feel bad … …. !?)

I hurried and tried to rush to that young man.

However, before the feel is going up, the young man’s mouth gets a “voice” voice.

At that time Feel noticed. The young man is not convulsing, he is shaking his shoulders.

(Maybe it is laughing !?)

The leaked voice gradually grows, and eventually, it will be heard all around.

“Pu … … giggle …… Ahahahahahah!”

The young man laughed out loud with his stomach. Like I saw something very funny, it seemed fun to watch while tears caught my eyes.

Only one alone is bursting laughing at this place.

Naturally, the gaze of the spot gathers at once.

“You laughed out suddenly, are not you?”

The prince of the neighboring country which I had been with regard, raises a bad voice to a young man.

Then the young man who was laughing at laughter rises with a beautiful movement and bows and smiles a smile to the smiling prince.

“This is rude, Prince Sanga. I am a Prince of Forlant, Prince Tomasz, I will see you at first.”

Its movement is urban and somewhat sophisticated. As he says, the style of royalty drifts somewhat.

Yet the dress of a young man is an apron in work clothes. Even so, it was not a dress like a prince.

As I thought, I recall that I am wearing an apron now.

“Forlant …?”

“For fortunate, is not it a small country next to Dehman?”

“Why is the Prince of Forlant in this place! It is not even called!”

(I did not even call you … but …)

Feel murmured in Prince Sanga who replies poorly to Prince Tomasz with a bad reply.

Speaking of the Forlant Kingdom was a smaller country than Dehman, next to Dehman. Especially industries and industries are not famous, and history is not as good as Dehman. It was a country not very important from other countries.

There is not much exchange between diplomacy and famous country deseranism who wants to connect.

Speaking of territory, the field of feeling is also a small country of pace as far as walking, the prince Sangha is shelving it.

Tomasu who gave in to Prince Forlant was a gentle young man with a thin line with silver eyes and a green eyes. I think that appearance is very well prepared, but there were not many women to see from the slightly blurred expression that he could float.

“I am going to apprentice to Mr. PaPaose to learn pottery. Today I am allowed to attend this place as a disciple of Mr. PaPaose. I am sorry if there was a rude etc. Prince Sanga.”

“Oh, the Prince apprentices to a potter … ….?”

I convinced whether it was an apron.

Prince Sanga, who was taking a catching attitude, smiles the smile of Prince Tomasz and the embarrassment expression gets bigger on an unfamiliar profile.

“Sorry, Prince Sanga. Tomash is odd, sometimes taking action that is nothing wrong.

Then we will go and prepare to fry a wonderful work finished by Fiiru, so I will excuse it. Let’s go, Tomasz ”

“Yes teacher”

PaPaose and Tomasz put those in this place confused and went out of the door.


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4 thoughts on “Chapter 102

    1. I think it’s the Heath’s sister meeting the Prince for the first time?
      But the Prince was pretending to be a normal boy and apprenticed to the famous potter.


  1. After reading ahead I think it actually is Heath gets mistaken for her shrine maiden sister and meets a prince?


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