Chapter 107

“Is it an escort mission?”

“Oh, Yes King Roy and Lady Fiiru were going out to Mr. Zephyr’s mansion, so we participate as an escort for that.”

 Fii thought that she was hearing the contents of the mission wrong from Crow.

 There is a high possibility of matching the face with Fiiru as it is an escort mission. If that happens Fii’s escape the position of Princess and you being an apprentice knight will be found out, and if Fiiru makes a noise about it, Fii will not be able to escape from the shrine.

 It would be different if we had a meeting in advance, but it is the rest of the festival.

 Fii looked up at Crow and acting as if in slight resistance, stiffening his shoulders with tension, said.

“Oh, are you guys trying to escort me after all? Are not you feeling nervous when I am in front of a girlfriend …?”

 Fii ‘s profile here comes from a poor family. Perhaps there is persuasive that it does not want to be in front of a great person.

 Fii would like to set aside from the mission if possible, or escort as far as possible away from the King and Fiiru.

 When Fii saw that figure, Crow laughed.

“Even you have cute places, you do not have to worry. Basically, the main escort is in charge of the first knight team, we are to back it up from the shadow, with your Majesty and the Queen basically there is nothing to put it together. “

 Fii was relieved when she heard that.

“Okay, what did you do with York?”

 Today is unusual since all the members of the 18th Knights are being convoked.

“Oh, York cannot participate this mission, so I will take command in place instead today.”

 Crow explained it too.

 When there is no York present, Crow, the deputy captain, is to take command. Fii was concerned about another task, but he consented and nodded.

“The departure is a week later. Please prepare everything perfectly.”


 In the words of Crow as the commander, the members of the 18th knight nodded respectively.

 And a week later, Fii was in the forest.

 The horse-drawn carriage that holds His Majesty Roy was on early in the morning left the castle. Zephyr’s mansion deeply connected with the king now lies in a remote place away from the kingdom. I wonder whether it will be about a five-hour journey.

 I digested the journey for about two hours now, and the carriage is in the forest.

 Two people think that visiting Zephyr’s mansion is also a date, but the carriage was surprisingly only two cars. Moreover, since one is used for the escort mission of the First Knights, there is actually only one for the king and the queen. Normally, when the king and queen got to date, it was the servants and maidens who were with us, and it was a time that there were many carriages in a large queue.

 Fii interpreted favorably either as a sister’s position, thinking that it is a good sign if a sister and his marriage partner are on good terms as to date celebration.

 Looking glimpses from among the trees, rather, as the royal rose, looking at the flying horse-drawn carriage of a frugal body, while thinking that there are Fiiru and Lynette in it, we turn to the surrounding forest and rotate the arrangement.

 The full range of the horse-drawn carriage was surrounded by the first equipped knight fleet.

 There are no young people or apprentice knights. It is a so-called member who is known only to veterans.

 While guarding the surroundings, they are guarding around the carriage.

 It seemed that the serious expression of the air was blown up to here. King and Queen, escort two most important people in this country. Although it is like a date, it is probably a seriously nervous mission as a knight.

 Each of the members of the 18th knight squad is arranged so as to surround such a first knight squad. Everyone gets a large gap apart and moves in accordance with the movement of the carriage while hiding in the forest.

 The role was searching for enemies.

 If you find something suspicious, I will report it to Crow, and he will respond in cooperation with the First Knights.

 In particular, Kain, Conrad, Palwick, who are superior in latent ability and mobility, were the people responsible for the main task of this task. On the contrary, Galluzzi and Orbull are not suitable for such a task. The two do not move so much, they are going around for backup.

 And Fii was also responsible for the main with superior latent ability and mobility.

 Keep an eye on the area around the king’s horse carriage that the first chivalry encloses with four people, watching suspicious existence over a long distance. As expected, one will consume physical strength, one will take a break and three people will continue searching for a wide range while rotating.

 Fii also hides in the branches of the forest, moves quickly on the trees and watches for suspicious existence in the surroundings. Kain has taught me the technique.

 Thanks to Mr. Kain that Fii was able to participate properly in my mission.

 While thinking so, she was doing her travel route, overlapping Kain’s travel route.

 The expression of Kain, which moves between the trees without sound, was serious, it was rather a feeling that it was approaching a demon. The movement is twice as fast as the fee. It is top notch from technology to spirit. Fii thought that he was in front of his master.

 When such Kain found out that Fii was on his route, he approached and cried.

“Please do not approach even if you find absolutely suspicious existence! Please be sure to evacuate properly by reporting it to us! Because correspondence is sure to always be with the first knight squad surely! “

 I have heard that word for the fifth time. Moreover, every time I hear it, it surely increases more and more.

 Despite thinking that I can not rely on myself so much, Fii thinks that it is inevitable from people like Kain, responds lively and lively.

“Yes, I understand!”

“It is sure!”

 Finally, after saying always, Kain finally went back to the traveling route.

 Fii also receives encouragement from the teacher and returns to her own route while deciding where to take the escorts during the escort mission.

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  1. Please stop butchering this series.
    If you can’t even partially do a proper translation, please don’t do one at all.

    This is probably one of the worst, if not THE worst translation of a novel I’ve read.
    At this point, I’m thinking that this might just be a really bad troll. If it is, at least TRY to make it amusing.


  2. Well technically I quite satisfied even for the machine translation continued.
    Better than nothing group translate it.
    The romance isn’t started yet and I already finished reading the translated. -_-.
    I feel like want to flip the table everytime the series I like kinda stopped.
    With this one and ‘Noble Girl Living in a debt

    Did the first comment an idiot or what?


    1. @daydreamge I’m assuming you’re not a native english speaker? I’m not quite sure what you mean by “Did the first comment an idiot or what?” I’m assuming you meant me?

      My point is you can LITERALLY go to the raw and google translate this chapter and you get the same result.
      Go here if you want to try it out:

      Why bother posting the raw google translate if you can just go and do it yourself. It makes very little sense posting it here.
      It’s a waste of time.


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