Chapter 108

We arrived at Zephyr’s mansion, it has a fantastic atmosphere.

 There are times when private soldiers are arranged for as guards in noble family residences.

 However, the number is not extraordinary.

 I understood from Cain that he learned skills as grass.

 I try not to show the whole number well, but a considerable number of soldiers are aligned in this mansion. In addition, there was a figure of the first knight Knight who was not participating in the escort.

 The soldiers who finished the search enemy mission gather in front of Crow.

“We are also wary of the surroundings of the mansion, Kain, Conrad, Palwick hide in the forest of surroundings and be alarmed, Galluzzi, Orbull mixed in the knights and take charge of security.”

“Well, Crow, where do I?”

 Fii who never called her name visited Crow.

“Oh, Heath comes with me a little”

 That’s what I said, Fii follows Crow.

 I went inside from the back of the mansion. The soldier I was watching passed through my head as soon as I looked at Crow’s face. Then enter the mansion as it is.

 Armed knights were walking in and out the mansion. A lot of them pass by each other.

 Fii was about to speak when Crow enters into one room.

 As I entered, objects were removed and holes were drilled in the ceiling.

 Fii immediately gets intentions.

“Do you want to enter?”

“I think that it is all right”

 Fii nods at Crow ‘s words.

 I was then informed of the target place and intention.

“I ask you to escort the queen of Queen Fiiru.The escort is done not to be understood by Her Highness Fiiru. Watch over the inside of the room as to not be noticed from the ceiling of this room and if something comes down. You got it. “

 The expression of Crow who told the last word was serious.

 Such a serious look as worried about Fii’s body, but still decided to decide and send it out.

 ”If something sees you get down.”


 Fii nodded back to Crow with equally serious expression.

 Sometimes you risk the life if you become a knight. It was on top of my mind to build on the same stage as the people of the 18th Knights.

 Besides, for my sister, I do not like to live a life.

 Fii parted from Crow and entered the vent, headed to the room where his sister was. Perhaps there is a king that there is a sister. Perhaps Fii may see that figure for the first time.

 When I looked into the room from the ceiling, I saw the Fiiru in the first time in awhile.

 I can not see much because of the angle, but I felt that the feel was thinner than when I was in Deerman. The expression is not very bright.

 Besides, there was no figure of King Roy in the room.

 Instead, there is a figure of a young man with silver hair laid on the bed.

 A young man who closes his eyes to sleep has no sign of awakening, and nothing will react to the feel that sits by his side.

 There was a big scratch on its right forehead.


 A voice of doubt appears in Fii ‘s heart in the appearance of a strange adolescent.

 Fiiru tightly holding hands that young people do not respond. Fiiru murmured with a sad voice.

“Tomasz …”

 Tomasz, Fii heard that name for some reason.

 Prince of the smallest country in the neighbor of Deerman. When Fii was in my country, Fii was told from the maidens that they might be dropped by anything like this.

 I have never attended a domestic party and have never attended domestic parties, so I don’t know how Tomasz looked like.

 And this year, Fii heard that Tomasz lost his life by a carriage accident.

 Why is Prince Tomasz in such a place?

 Beyond Fii ‘s line of sight, Fiiru strokes prince Tomasz’ s forehead scratches on his looks of crying.

 The warm blue light seems to blaze in its hands.

 Fiiru healing power. But even if you receive that light, Prince Tomasz can not open your eyes.

 If you fall into such a big scratch and you are in a state of unconsciousness you can not do anything with the healing power of Fiiru.

 Because healing power is the power to cure a small injury. Even though it is said to be a healing shrine maiden, it is that degree that can be done in reality.

 Still it is scarce, the power of a miracle that only has this era feel.

 It is not that I can not do much, nor does it make my wish come true, yet I will draw attention only to expectations and confidence in my surroundings.

 Fii knew that Fiiru that had this power was never happy.

 Fiiru healing power can not heal people wanting to heal but can only look at the profile that just keeps his eyes closed.

 Fii kept closely close by Tomasz all the while watching. Index

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