Chapter 99

The situation of the game seemed desperate only when seen from the side.

Doug seems purple like they are short of breath from and a breathless Percil.

The attack that is poked out as a poker face is received by the Doug seems desperate. Unnoticed the offense had been reversed.

A lot of sweat drips off on brown skin.

Doug has not given up yet. While striking a hard face, he keeps sticking while handling attacks.

However, the facial expression of resignation began to emerge in the northern lodgings.

There are no elements to win.

Attack power by transcendental physical ability which is the weapon of Doug. There was no shadow that it sees now.

The game went on, and the speed of the Doug was already depressed to the same degree as Pasir.

It is only desperately surviving despite all the remaining forces all inclined to avoid.

A shield of the Percil skill that prevented even the full power of Doug’s attack. It was impossible for the current Doug to penetrate it.

Even in such a situation, Doug was in conflict with Percil who looks cool here.

My physical strength is exhausting. My breath is also painful. The body does not move as expected. Still…

(I do not want to lose… Everyone connected to here …!)

No voice came out. I only get a painful breath from my throat.

Still, Doug muttering it in my mind.

Doug came to the northern dormitory to compete with Heath that he entered the 18th knight squad.

It disappeared in an unexpected form, though.

But I have no regrets about having to change. I enjoyed my days with everyone in the northern dormitory.

My parents passed away in the accident at the age of ten, and I had to take over the title as soon as possible, and I was a young person I did not know how to set up.

Meanwhile, I received a message from Mr. Zeynes master who was a distant relative, decided to become a disciple and set myself with martial arts.

Everyone’s days with my teacher and his disciples were gentle and warm, but since everyone else lived in the mountains, I have no experience of having friends of the same age.

Even when I entered the east dormitory, members acted individually, and there were walls other than members, and I could not be friends.

But everyone in the northern dormitory accepted me and made friends. I also went to play together, and I got involved with stupid things.

I enjoyed such days.

in addition—

The situation is hopeless.

I know by myself. Still this game, I wanted to win and please everyone.

So Doug keeps protecting Percil’s attacks. Even though the winning score is low, I do not want to give up yet.

Percil keeps attacking the Doug while keeping perfect defense.

Although it is said to be a defensive player, Percil’s attack is not at all sweet. It releases a precise and sharp attack enough to knock down Lizil and Luca as easily.

On the other hand, Doug, in fact, has a high defense technique

Swordsmanship has always been learned to the nation who is the number one in the country. Doug’s technique is also not low at all. Most of them were roughly used for releasing a slash of super power that made use of their physical abilities, but to some extent, they can be sticky while making them misleading.

However, at the same time, Zeynes had been told. In the case of you, if you cannot compete within one minute, you say that the possibility of losing is higher.

I was taught that it will not give up.

According to the teachings of Zeynes, the Doug is sticky. Stickiness continues.

In such a case, Percil did not move so far, it made a move to take a step from a series of attack actions. Percil has attacked the Doug until now but has not filled the interruption more than a certain amount.

In order to win to perfectly safe to the last, Doug kept attacking from the minimum reach of the sword at least.

“Let me finish it soon”

It was a move to pierce Percil.

At that moment, Doug kicked the ground.

It accelerates fairly close when the Emperor’s body is at its peak.

Even those who were watching opened up their eyes.

“… …!!”

“Have you left your strength yet …?!”

To be honest, it was the last minute. It will not go out if it gets cut any further.

The last minute I left the physical strength for a single attack, the Kui never endured.

At the moment when the opponent’s consciousness is best suited for the attack, he attacks with full speed, with a sudden injury, physical strength preserved for the moment.

The last blade taught to the teacher for when I could not settle within one minute.


— The protruding sword was cutting the sky.

Percil that firmly did not break the balance at all and avoided the attack, he was surprised without looking out and he was seeing the Doug with that poker face.

“As expected, leaving the strength of a single offensive while showing it looking painful, it was as expected.”

While saying so, a blaze from a wooden sword kept in a waist shed a powerful blow.


Doug further swept the physical strength and put a wooden sword before that one blow.

Along with the sound of guns, the body of the Doug is blown off. The body rolls on the ground as it is.

However, Doug stood up quickly and set a wooden sword.

“But it was unexpected that we will not give up here, Doug, why will you fight there?”

Doug can not answer.

Fii just breathed out with my huh.

The last solution is exhausted.

Although it was a Fii who defended the counter quickly and got up without giving up, there is no strategy any more ……

Just like those watching the game, desperation was rising in my mind now.

(I will not give up … Why … …?)

Doug lose consciousness because of lack of oxygen, even thinking is unable to get together.

The feeling of defeat had already come to the back.

(Still … … I can not just lose!)

Doug set his sword and made the body sink a lot.

You can no longer avoid or defend if you use it anymore The truly last force. Moreover, because the distance is far away, it can not give a surprise. In a sense, desperate stance of assault.

Nevertheless, it was far better than defending and staying definitely be defeated.

Percil also felt that the last attack of Doug came. Take the position of interception.

The distance is 5 meters.

Doug began to accelerate its 5 meters to the last attack.

But … the speed is not …

The Doug’s physical strength and spirit were already limits.

“Sorry, but …”

Looking at the movement, the voices of despair leak out of the mouths of the boys in the north lodging.

In this way, it was easy to be intercepted by Percil and it was over.

At that time the voice sounded.

“Doug! Ganba!”

When a line of sight was turned towards the direction of the voice, a small knight of blond hair was cheering loudly about the Doug.

Fii had finished receiving the sermon by Hisurou, finally came back to the venue.

I will see it for a moment so that the eyes of Doug can see unbelievable things.

“I will not lose! Doug!”

And when I turned my eyes back on, the Doug ‘s body began to accelerate again.

Percil was a little surprised by it.

Doug’s physical strength has already run out, I thought that this charge can only get about 50% acceleration.

And I decided that the speed up to this point was as expected and the interception was easy. I intended to decide the game there.

However, the body of the Doug quickly accelerated until it reached Percil.

(This is the same speed as at the beginning of the game… However, if this is to be defended like the first … …)

Percil was surprised for a moment but immediately began to calculate calmly.

It was amazing that the Doug came here and regained the speed of full power. However, at that rate, even if the interception is impossible, it is possible to defend. If you prevent this, the queen’s physical strength really runs out and you can win the game if you attack after that. Perfect calculation.

There is only a slight difference in the process.

Percil pulled out the prediction of the attack pattern of the opponent from the head again and took the posture of defense.

At that moment, the Emperor’s body disappeared.

(… … and becoming??)

This time it is truly surprising Percil.

The eyes of the back of cool glasses were always opened.

Percil who completely lost sight of the Doug.

But Percil did not look like him, looking backward with a very simple feeling.

I went there.

The Doug is ……

Completely finish the position of turning back, turning the sharp eyes that completely returned animation to here.

Both legs kick the ground and accelerate tremendously.

It was as fast as I could scratch even with Percil’s eyes.

(It is faster than at the beginning of the game ……! It is not in this speed data …!

Before Persimil holds a wooden sword and completes the defense, the Dougne’s wooden sword passes through the place. And it pierced through Percil’s body like a gale.

Pasir and Doug, with their backs at each other. Both of you will not move, and the match venue will be relieved.

A few seconds later, Percil’s body collapsed.



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  1. Thx for the help translating this novel! By the way, could you change the names of the characters to what they once were when the previous translators translated this novel? It is a bit weird to switch. Thx for translating anyway!

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  2. Hello there translator-san! It is good that you are picking such a good series, however reading your translation is basically torture. It is painful to guess what each sentence mean. It is horrifying to see one person with a hundred names that changes each sentence. I myself am translator (russian), and I always reread my translations at least 3 times to find mistakes. Just simple rereading (or finding yourself editor) will show all horrors of your translations. I appreciate your efforts, but do the job till the end – go and edit all your ready 3 chapters and rerelease them. Then do all new chapters so, that they are pleasant to read and enjoy. Let it be one chapter in a week, or two weeks, or a month! But let it be great chapter, that is not ruining the charm of theese series. Reread chapters of previous translators and compare it to yours. I love this series, but can’t read your translations. I am sure – there are hundreds and thousands people with the same feelings. Please, do not torture us! Please, do us a favor to become a better translator and change your terrible chapters to good literature. Thank you in advance

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    1. It is all of those. It is also Koinu, Cooinu, Queine, Kuinu, Kooeu, Kui, Couine, and Kuuin. This is a complete butchery of the main character’s name, making it so bad, that I can only believe it was a joke. I expect that even a single read through by an editor would have helped the machine translation. This is completely unedited.


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