Extra Info


In 20XX the new Vrmmorpg FOREVERMORE is released. It is set up in a magical medieval time period with swords and magic being it major selling point. The game as five major Empires being the human empire Zwalives which is a nation that has slaves, the demon empire Dericona which is highly racist towards anyone who isn’t a demon, the elven kingdom of Alden whom is ruled by high elves who believe they are the superior race, the beast-kin empire Brasker whom hate humans due to the enslavement of their people, and the neutral empire Loyver a place where no one is discriminated against and crime is running rampant. There were three continents which are Zulifus the continent that holds the Empires, Monstrozion the continent which holds the highest level monsters, and Faliora which is a country that holds player countries. The game has been around for five years and has over 20 million players worldwide.



The races of FOREVERMORE are Dwarves, Elves, Angels, Beast-kin, Demi-humans, Humans, Demons and Fairies. Dwarfs, Angels, Fairies ,and Demi-humans all start in Loyver, while the rest spawn in their respected empires or can chose to spawn in Loyver.



Magic in FOREVERMORE is split into elements being Fire, Earth, Water, Wind, Light, Darkness, Space, and Time. Space and Time magic use massive amount of mana per second to make them not as broken. Unique magic is made by fusing two or more magic elements or status ailments together in order to create a new spell. You can create or upgrade unique magic after you complete a random quest or getting 200 levels to upgrade or create a new one.



The Maximum level in FOREVERMORE is infinity but the strongest monster currently is level 55,000 which is a major raid boss called Demonic Evil Emperor God Dragon King.



Everyone starts with base 10 stats then your race is added giving you extra stat increase if any at all. Your class gives you increased exp rate for jobs dealing in that category, and a decrease for anything that opposes it. You unlock a extra job slot every 500 levels or every 10 max jobs. *=max level, ~=can ascend += new level ^=hidden








Job Level: 0

Job history:


    • Vitality: 10
    • Mana: 10
    • Strength: 10
    • Agility: 10
    • Stamina: 10
    • Intelligence: 10

Top Ten Players

1st- Volikin; (Class- Swordsman) (Job- Divine Sword Saint) (Male) (Demi-Human (Dragon)) Lvl:1850

2nd- Zerif; (Class- Mage) (Job- Divine Mage) (Male) (Angel) Lvl:1845

MC -3rd- Jack; (Class- Assassin) (Job- Divine God Assassin) (Female) (Human) Lvl:1839

4th- Robin; (Class- Archer) (Job- Divine Archer) (Female) (Elf) Lvl:1830

5th- Jay; (Class- Sword-Mage) (Job- Heroic Sword-Mage) (Male) (Fairy) Lvl:1825

6th- Zhou; (Class- Archer) (Job- Divine Hunter) (Male) (Demi-Human (Elf)) Lvl:1823

7th- Elizabeth; (Class- Lancer) (Job- Divine Spearman) (Female) (Demi-Human (Dragon)) Lvl:1820

8th- Thor; (Class- Blacksmith) (Job- Divine Blacksmith) (Male) (Dwarf) Lvl:1818

9th-Jeanne; (Class- Priest) (Job- Saint) (Female) (Human) Lvl:1810

10th- Scarlette; (Class- Mage) (Job- Arcane Archmage) (Female) (Elf) Lvl:1808

There are five different guilds which are Assassins guild, Royal Guild, Adventures Guild, Standard Guild, and Merchant Guild. Only the Assassins guild, standard guild, and merchant guild can be made by players while the Royal Guild is controlled by the Kingdoms, and the Adventures Guild is controlled by no one and everyone joins it to become an adventurer.


Top Five Guilds (Players)


1st- Loyver’s Royal Guild (Elders; Zerif, Volikin,and Jay)

Players: 2 Million


2nd- CPSA Merchant Guild (Founder: Thor)

Players: 1.8 Million


3rd- Alden Royal Guild

Players: 1.6 Million


4th- Zwailive Royal Guild

Players: 1.4 Million


5th- Fallen Guild (Founder: Zhou)(Elders: Scarlett, Robin)

Players: 1.2 Million


Rank 0- Adventures Guild

Players: 19.8 Million

Top Five Guild (Gold)


1st: Silver Outcasts [Assassin Guild] (Leader; Jack) (Players: 150)

Gold: 1.5 Trillion


2nd- Loyver Royal Guild

Gold: 300 Billion


3rd- Alden Royal Guild

Gold: 280 Billion


4th- Zwailive Royal Guild

Gold: 260 Billion


5th- CPSA Merchants Guild

Gold: 200 Billion


Rank 0- Adventures Guild

Gold: Infinity

Top Five Religions


1st-Church of Zuma (Saint: Jeanne)

Npcs/Players: over 50 million


2nd- Church of Alden

Npcs/Players: over 38 million


3rd- Church of Derivona

Npcs/Players: over 37 million


4th- Fallen Ancients

Npcs: over 35 Million


5th- Twilight Moon

Npcs/Player: over 30 million
Top 5 Strongest Guilds


1st: Silver Outcasts


Players: 150 (Over 80 players in top 150)

Npcs: 5 Million (4 Million are spies around the world)

Levels: 700~1839 (only active army)


2nd- Loyver Royal Guild


Players: 2 Million (over 50 players in top 300)

Npcs: 1.5 Million

Levels: 50~1850


3rd- Alden Royal Guild


Players:1.6 Million (over 45 players in top 300)

Npcs: 1.8 Million

Levels: 80~1200


4th- Zwailive Royal Guild


Players:1.4 Million (over 30 players in top 300)

Npcs: 1.6 Million

Levels: 75~1150


5th- Dericona Royal Guild


Players: 1.2 Million (Over 50 players in top 500)

Npcs: 1.2 Million

Levels: 200~1000


Rank 0- Adventures Guild


Players: 19.8 Million

Npcs: 25 Million

Levels: 1~1850