FGW Chapter 01

Year 2000

Ash Reginald arrived in Fuyuki, and while arriving she ended up bumping into a man wearing a vestments of a priest and a golden cross around his neck. His vestment is a type of a red holy shroud and he wore a red stole over his cassock, and he has an innocent, boyish face showing that he has yet to have aged past twenty years of age. She ended up dropping her wallet and he picked it up.

[I seems like you dropped.]

[Thank you.]

Ash left the man and went to her apartment. She sat down and pulled out a note.

[Really. Making me come to Japan to teach some students in high school. Ah, I guess this makes sense. So I am a tutor for the Kodai family. God damn.]

She went into her bed and started to sleep. Meanwhile in the Fuyuki Church the young man was standing leading a prayer. When the commune of people left the church and man sat down and a woman appeared her beauty seemed depraved, but it didn’t seem to affect her as she was peerlessly beautiful. She wore a dress as dark as midnight which gives off a pleasing aroma.

[Semiramis. Did you find anything else about that women?]

[Yes, Master. Her name is Ash Reginald, and she is from the Clock Tower and she is highly experienced one being at the rank of Grand. She is currently in Fuyuki since she will be teaching at Homurahara Academy, and will be tutoring a magus family’s children for the time being. She is highly likely to join in the next Holy Grail War.]

[I see.]

Semiramis demilitarized while the man goes to the back of the church.

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