FGW Chapter 02

Year 2003

My arm is bleeding and I am running out of mana. I didn’t think a golem would attack me out of nowhere. My mana is rapidly depleting. My vision is fading and there is nothing but darkness. When I woke up my wounds were patched up. When I started to get up a young girl around the age of 10 with black hair in a ponytail, blue eyes wearing a sailor uniform came into the room. I remembered that she was the younger sister of the student I was tutoring, her name is Karin Kodai.

[Ash-sama, you shouldn’t move around. Your wounds aren’t fully healed.]

[I should be fine Karin. I need to head home.]

A flash of red light covered the room and when it disappeared Karin’s left hand and three sword command seals on her hand. I noticed my mana being restored by an outside source. Her parents arrive in the room, and brought both of us to the dinning hall. Karin’s mother, a women wearing a black suit with black hair arrived in the room and, decided to speak first.

[Ash, What happened in that room?]

[I believe that the grail chose Karin as a master for the next Holy Grail War.]

[My daughter shall not partake in such an event! I don’t want to see her dead! So do something about these command seals!.]

[I can not.]

[What do you mean you can’t your a member of the clocktower!]

She banged on the table shaking it, and shakes her head.

[Mom, What’s a Holy Grail War?]

[It’s something you shouldn’t be part off. Ash, head home.]

[I can’t]

[What do you mean?]

[I am currently Karin’s servant, Assassin.]

[What? Your a servant, but the last Grail war ended years ago.]

[Yes, one of my Noble Phantasm generates mana for me so I can stay materialized without a master. You daughter somehow got me into a contract.]

[Let me ask you how many Holy Grail Wars have you been in?]

[Around Seven and I have won all seven. I know that your daughter will be safe with me and if she is in danger I will break it off the contract myself.]

[I will allow her to partake in the War but you must not let her die!]

[Of course Lady Kodai. But First I shall show you my story.]

I pulled out a book with the cover scratched out,and it degrading.

[Libris, quod ostendit veritatem (Book that shows the truth)]