FGW Chapter 2.5

Yvain’s (Y-alter) backstory Part 1

Born from my father King Urien of Rheged and mother Morgen a sibling of  Morgan le Fay and Artoria. I, Yvain was born as a young girl with black hair with the edges colored crimson. I was born into the time of chaos and war that began with the demise of the Roman Empire.

I was raised as a knight learning from my father’s knights, and from my mother, I learned magicraft. My mother ended up leaving my father and me to go and learn from Merlin with her sister Morgan. When I was in my older I was stronger than any knights in my father’s command. I asked my father to allow me to roam the country and go on an adventure but he decided against it. When I spoke out, he grabbed a paper and tossed it to me.

[My child it seems like a new King of Britain has arrived. The man’s name is Arthur.]

[Father, I don’t wish to marry.]

[I know that is why your mother and I had this armor crafted for you.]

The full body armor was black and grey with the stripes of crimsons, and a cape of pure obsidian black behind it, with a steel longsword and a black shield near it.

[In this armor you gender shall not be revealed, it will also restore itself if you put mana into it, and your voice will be that of a mans. With this, you shall be a knight of the round table, and if you need to take it off the cape will do the same as the armor.]

[Father, Why?]

[To see your abilities prosper. Both your mother and I agreed that you will be one of the greatest knights of the Round Table. So get going my child.]

[Of.. Course… Father!]

   On that day, I departed from Rheged and traveled to Camelot. On my way, I ended up fighting a group of bandits. The fight was quick as the bandits seemed to be unprepared for a fight, but on closer inspection, I found out that they were nearly starved. I decided to ask why they looked like that they replied that their lord took their farms and any food they had, so they had to become bandits. I decided to help them so I got them to lead me to the lord.

   When I got to the castle, I noticed an unusual black mana, so I put my hand on my sword. When I entered the castle the lord, a middle age man with brown hair, appeared and a black fog was behind him. I pulled out my sword and attacked the lord, and the black fog separated from the lord, making the lord fall down. The fog manifested itself into a demon with horns, claws and a distorted face.

[Foolish Knight! You shall perish!]

The demon attacks me and I defended using my shield to block its claws then slashed at its abdomen causing black blood to pour out of its wound. It started to scream and widely attack me with its claws. I tried to block most of the demon’s attacks but it ended up slashing my armor and hit my left leg piercing the armor causing bleeding. I readied myself for the next barrage of attacks. The demon began its attack again and it pierced the shoulders of my armor, but I managed to get a clean cut on the demon cutting it in half, as well as breaking my sword. The demon screamed and I stabbed the demon through the head, with the remainder of my sword ending its life. The blood was dripping from my armor, as I was about to fall the lord got up and helped me up.

[I am extremely sorry.]

   He ended up patching up my wounds and told me that a weird wizard came to his castle and gave him a weird pill. He ended up swallowing the pill and got possessed by the demon, which imprisoned his wife and daughter and almost ruined his domain. He then asked if I would like for his daughter’s hand in marriage. I refused and stated the fact that I am currently on my way to Camelot to try and join the Round Table.

   After hearing this he ended up searching for a sword to give me to replace mine. He told me that the blade is a family heirloom and he wanted me to have it. The blade’s name is Argentum Nocte (Silver Night) it is a pure white longsword and gave off a magical aura, and its scabbard name is Dissimulans Nocte (Concealing Night) its color was gold and crimson with the top covered with blue gems giving off a magical aura. I took the blade and scabbard and ended up staying until my wounds fully healed, during this time I learned how to use healing magic after messing around with mana.

   After my wounds were fully healed I headed off to Camelot to join the Round Table then deal with the weird wizard, but fate chose a different path for me. When I was close to Camelot, I turned my armor to the cloak form so I could move around more freely. I ended up meeting a group of around five knights who asked for my help since they thought I was a wizard or priest. The knights wanted their lord freed from a curse an unusual wizard placed on him. I agreed to help them and we ended up going to the lord’s castle.

   Arriving at the lord’s castle a black fog covered the area, and out of the fog came five knights with lances on horseback charging towards us. I pulled out my shield and blocked the first knight’s lance, the force of the lance tossed me back. The four of the five knights with me got brought to the ground with blood pouring out their armor. The last knight left standing barely could move.

I pulled out my blade, and the enemy knights charged back at us. I slashed and brought down one of the knights from their horse. The other four knights lances were deflected with my shield and after the fourth lance hit my shield it broke apart. I cut down the knight who was on the floor, then prepared for the next assault. They charged at me and I took the fallen knight’s lance and piercing one of the knights, dodged two of the lances, and slashed the last knight’s horse down. I cut down the knight who fell and grabbed the knight’s lance. The remaining two knights charged at me and with the fallen knight’s lance I pierced one of the knights and the other knight slashed me in the side. I grabbed the lance and tossed it at the remaining knight killing it.

I had blood pouring down my side so I used healing magic to stop the bleeding when a middle age man with blond hair and green eyes arrived on the scene with a dark aura surrounding him. The last knight was still shaken from the battle and didn’t notice the man pulling out a blade. The man almost cut off the knights head but I ran with my blade and stopped it.

I then started into combat with the man. The fight started with the man quickly attacking my bloody side but I dodged and parried the barrage of attacks. The sound of metal clashing fueled the area’s smell of war. I started going on the offensive using my feet and hands to try to disarm or trip up the man but he was able to parry most of my attacks. We clashed our swords and the contact ended up pushing both of us back. I was able to get a head start on the man getting the first real hit on him slashing his left side, but he was able to retaliate slashing me on my right side. With both of us injured I was able to make contact with him and pushed the demon out of him. The demon was a small impish creature, the last knight grabbed his blade and cut the demon in half. The fog around the castle dissipated and I used healing magic on the man and I. I ended up passing out after using all of my magic.

When I woke up, I noticed I was in a bedroom, laying on a bed with my cloak still on. As I started to move a young boy around the age of twelve with blonde hair and grey eyes arrived in my room, then he left the room quickly. The middle age man with blond hair arrived in the room with a woman with brown hair and green eyes. He introduces himself as the lord of the castle and the woman as his wife. I introduce myself as a wandering knight heading to Camelot.

The Lord asks for me to take his youngest son Rafael as a squire to Camelot so he can become a knight. I refused him but the scared knight arrived in the room and asked if he could be under my command since he believed he would be able to become a better knight under me. After hearing this I agreed to have him under my command at least until I arrive in Camelot but the lord got his son involved in the agreement forcing me to take him to Camelot. The Lord gave us three horses to have and sent us off.

I decided to spar with the scared knight on the first morning since we left the lord’s castle. We started by introduced ourselves, and his name was Michael. I pulled out my blade whilst he did the same, and Rafael watched our movements. I started circling around, and he replicated my movements. I dashed forward, swinging my sword upwards, while he starts to swing his sword downwards. I move my body slightly to the left and increase my sword speed. My blade reaches his chest first and I rotate my sword. When his sword is about to make contact with mine, I use my strength to make his sword go flying to the right. I put my sword to his throat, and I won the match. I started to teach Michael, and Rafael about how to fight and how to deal with the fear of death during a fight.

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